Vege Medley

The eyes have it with this one; we’ve mixed pumpkin, carrot, turnip and thyme to create a creamy delight that your wee one can easily digest.  Both pumpkin and carrot are full of dietary fibre and are high in the antioxidant beta-carotene, giving them (the vegetable, not your baby) that beautiful orange colour which converts to vitamin A in the liver – fantastic for developing eyesight and is great for the skin, immunity and nerve function.

This is a seasonal dish so we’ll be swapping out some of our vegetables so your baby gets the maximum variety of flavours during the year.


Vegetables (85%) [carrot*, pumpkin*, turnip*], purified water, organic herbs
*organic or spray free

Nutrition information:

Servings per package: 2
Serving size: 50g

  Average Quantity
per Serving
Average Quantity
per 100g
Energy 94kJ 188kJ
22 Cal 45Cal
Protein 0.7g 1.5g
- Gluten 0mg 0mg
Fat, Total 0.2g 0.4g
- Saturated 0g 0.1g
Carbohydrate 3.4g 6.8g
- Sugars 2.3g 4.6g
Sodium 11mg 23mg

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