When can my baby start solids?

May 21, 2018

When can my baby start solids?

Veeery, veeery exciting to think your baby has reached a major developmental crossroads, but knowing the exact moment to start your baby on solids is not easy - If you could check out the maturity of your baby’s digestive system and ensure their developmental readiness, knowing when to introduce solids would be a breeze!

Research indicates that on average, 6-months appears to be ideal for avoiding increased illness and other health risks associated with of introducing solids too early.

By six months of age, your baby’s nutritional needs are rapidly increasing and solid foods can be introduced as a “top-up” or to complement their milk (so milk first, then solids until around 9 months of age, then start to reverse it) – meeting nutritional needs during this time plays a critical role in the long-term health of the baby.

How can you be sure your little one's ready to dig in?

Signs they're ready...

🎃Can hold their head up or sit up well, without support

🎃Appear to remain hungry after a milk feed

🎃No longer have the tongue-thrust reflex to automatically spit food out

🎃Eagerly open their mouth when you bring a spoon or food towards it

🎃Pay attention at family meal times, sometimes grabbing at food and trying to put it in their mouth

🎃Seem keen to chew

🎃Develop a “pincer” grasp, picking up food or other objects between thumb and forefinger

But avoid starting solids too early because:

🎃Generally, babies can’t swallow well enough before 4-6 months

🎃Your baby’s digestive system simply won’t be ready for it

🎃Too early increases the risk for food allergy, eczema, coeliac disease, gastrointestinal infection and excessive weight gain

🎃Breast or formula milk remains the principal food for your baby until 9 –12 months old, so they may not get all the milk they need to grow well


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