Take 5

September 28, 2018

Take 5


Sometimes we lose sight of ourselves when our wee bundle of joy comes along.

Suddenly, there’s feeding, nappies to be changed, washing to hang out…. and bring in, there are groceries to pick up, meals to be prepared and in between, try to catch up with friends and get some sleep.

The challenge of getting the board report done on time is replaced with the more difficult task of having a shower and getting dressed before lunch. Regular work training is a distant memory as palette training and later potty training become number one priorities……… And that once svelte physique is currently covered by a wonderful cushion of warmth that your baby loves to snuggle into.

Post-childbirth, many Mums quickly forget how much their body has endured, emotionally and physically, and place huge expectations on themselves to ditch the baby weight and get themselves back to the way they were before pregnancy.

Research released by Dr Julie Wray, of England’s Salford University, back in 2011, found that it can take mothers up to a year to fully recover from the challenges of childbirth. She challenged the mainstream belief that six weeks was enough time to recover, saying this limited timeframe, “was a total fantasy.”

Hopefully, Dr Wray’s research will encourage new Mums to dismiss early recovery timeframes, to relax and to Take 5 minutes for themselves.


Take 5 to:



Pluck your eyebrows

Get a babysitter and go to a beauty therapist

Paint your nails

As above

Shave legs

Get legs and everything else waxed by a professional

Pat yourself on the back for making it through an entire day

Ring your Mum, Dad, Aunty or friend, so they can tell you as well

Stop for a tea or coffee

Meet up with friends for tea and tiny cakes

Eat well – include lots of greens

Order salad delivered via Uber-Eats

Plan Date night with significant other

Get significant other to do night feed so you can sleeeeep for an entire night

Take baby for a walk in Nature

Meet up with other Mums and walk together

Clean out one draw or cupboard

Get a cleaner – even if it’s only for a few months

Have a quick, warm bath

Have a long, warm bath with scented candles and music

Cuddle an animal

Cuddle someone you love

Paint or draw

Colour in – there’s some great adult colouring books out there

Write down your worries

Write down all the things in your life that you are grateful for

Listen to beautiful music

Dance to beautiful music

Sit outside and look at the sky

Sit outside and watch kids playing

Practice a few minutes of yoga

Get a babysitter and go to a yoga class with friends

Breathe deeply

Take slow deep breaths – meditate

Rest – sit or lie down

There is nothing better!

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