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Recycling with The Baby Pantry

April 02, 2019

Recycling with The Baby Pantry

The Baby Pantry strives to be totally sustainable, to be able to place our organic meals in non-plastic, BPA-free, recyclable, reusable, biodegradeable containers that break down quickly.  We searched high and low for these containers but alas, none were to be had – we could get fantastic Ecoware pottles that break down after three months, perfect if we weren’t looking at a six-month lifespan for our frozen baby meals.

The lovely team at Ecoware assured us, our sustainable pottles will be a reality in the near future, but at the moment, there is nothing available in NZ that meets all our criteria. Until then we’re using sanitised clear plastic pottles which are BPA-free, recyclable and reuseable.   

We thought we’d share some ideas to keep those pottles out of the waste-cycle for longer;

Our ideas for recycling, reinventing or reusing The Baby Pantry pottles:

Garden use: Establishing pot plants, seedlings, micro-herbs, vege plants, storing seeds

Garage use: Storing nails, screws, picture hooks, left over fertilser

Kitchen: Food storage, leftovers, snacks

Baby: Snacks to take on trips, wet cloths, pacifiers, baby cream

Hair stuff – hair ties, clips, ribbons

Sewing – pins, needles, cottons, buttons, tape measure, fasteners, zips

For keeping kids’ special treasures

Freezing breast milk

Craft use: Crayons, craft material, feathers, lace, bits of wool, pebbles, corks, buttons

Holiday: Safely carry favourite earrings and other jewellery

Office use: Paper clips, rubber bands, drawing pins, staples, bulldog clips, pencil sharpeners


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