Your Baby's First 1000 Days.

May 21, 2018

Your Baby's First Food

There’s been lots written in the last few years about how crucial the first 1000 days of a baby’s life is, that is from conception to just past the child’s second birthday – according to renowned New Zealand paediatrician, Johan Moreau from Rotorua, “the first 1000 days will determine the quality of the next 32,000”

He goes on to say the first 1000 days are a window of opportunity for a child, for a family and for a country. Getting it right is vitally important and can determine whether-or-not that child will be a healthy, mature and productive adult – that first 1000 days has a direct correlation to a country’s health and prosperity.

And you don’t have to be the perfect parent to raise a healthy, well-balanced child – children are incredibly resilient, however, they do best when raised by the most responsive and attuned person available to them – usually, but not necessarily, their mother.

Nathan Wallace (ex-university lecturer in human development, neuroscience specialist and board member for Brainwave Trust) is another fascinating speaker (go listen to him if he comes to your town!). He talks about the first 1000 days and how crucial this time is for optimal brain and relationship development, for future health and can even be a predictor of how much your baby will earn in the future.

He says, “ the more your baby is spoken to in the first year of life the better”, even if you’re only telling him/her about the latest episode of Coronation Street or about the antics of Betty down the road – it’s all about connection. It seems that love, a stable one on one relationship and healthy nutrition are three things that will set your child up for life.

Whilst The Baby Pantry can help with the nourishment part of the 1000-day journey, by providing healthy meals that meet the specific metabolic demands for healthy growth and maturity, it is the parents or caregivers who are key to ensuring a child fulfils their potential.

Parenting is a tough, time-consuming but utterly rewarding job and investment into your baby’s first 1000 days comes with extraordinary payoffs for the future – that investment can help secure the future of children, families and even entire nations.

The right nutrition during the 1000-day window helps;

🥕Grow and develop a child's brain and fuel their growth

🥕Improve a child’s school-readiness and educational achievement

🥕Improve a child’s ability to develop good relationships in the future

🥕Diminish disparities in health, education and earning potential

🥕Reduce a person’s risk of developing preventable illnesses such as diabetes and heart disease later in life

🥕Boost a country’s GDP by as much as 12%

🥕Break the intergenerational cycle of poverty


Have a watch of Johan Moreau's talk here. 

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