10 Steps to Enlightenment

June 29, 2018

10 Steps to Enlightenment

You’ve read the research, you're committed, and now you’re ready, ready to make your own organic baby food. EVERYTHING you’ve read says home-made, organic, pureed baby food is the nutritional best of the best for your baby - it doesn’t take long to prepare, it’s just a bit of chopping, steaming and freezing AND, you can do a whole heap at once. Easy as!

Just follow these simple steps to create the safest, most nutritious, most delicious baby food ever:


Source Organic ingredients. Not so easy to find at the supermarket. Are “natural flavoured” ingredients okay – is natural the same as organic? What’s non-GMO? Don’t suppose it’s the same as OMG, because OMG, organic vegetables are expensive………and some of them are funny shapes………..jeez, I can’t source some of them; they’re out of season…………. Damn I’ll have to improvise my recipes


Some of these articles are confusing – do I really put pepper with turmeric to improve the bioavailability………. What’s bioavailability when it’s at home anyway? And it’s not just the ingredients I have to worry about; it’s how they’re combined. Apparently, vitamin C needs iron. Vitamin K needs fat. Calcium needs vitamin D – hmmmm I’ll have to check those recipes again.


Blimey, where did that hour go? Think I’ve got better recipes now, but I’m running out of time to make them. Back to the supermarket – what do you mean you don’t have organic herbs……. Oh, so you don’t know if natural sugar is better than refined sugar? I’ll have to go back to that Whole Foods place tomorrow, they should know.


Clean and disinfect the kitchen bench, sink and stove top. Wash, peel and dice vegetables – another hour has gone and the baby’s crying. Stop, settle, soothe baby and start again. More chopping and mixing of vegetables into wonderous nutrient-rich piles – smiling at what a clever but exhausted master-chef I am. Wish I had one of those fantastic wall steamers like Annabelle down the road ………… however, the George Foreman I “borrowed” from Mum should do the trick.


Feeling like a proper hunter/gatherer as I place the final piece of pumpkin in the steamer – perfect timing, baby needs attention. Leave steamer to do its magic. Baby needs lots and lots of attention – bad timing. Back to the steamer, the veges not quite cooked. Put them on for longer. Back to the baby. Back to steamer – think they’re almost there. Add few more minutes to cooking time. Back to the baby.


Of all the days - baby not settling – reckon I’ve got 10 minutes before she really goes into tantrum mode. Gather vege peelings and throw into the green bin. Check steamer, damn those veges look good, turn off steamer. Grab peeler, knives, chopping board and throw into the sink. Start putting leftover veges, herbs and condiments away…………. too late, baby in full battle cry.



Two hours later, the baby's sound asleep, time to change the water in the sink and finish dishes (would have used our dishwasher if it wasn’t so full), get out the blender and blitz those beautiful vegetables, herbs and spices into gorgeous meals for my wee darling.  Excitedly put some aside for baby’s dinner. Rummage in the cupboard for those wee vege pods I sourced online and start spooning the pureed wonder into the pods……….surely there’s a quicker, less messy way!

Put pods in the freezer and stand back with a self-satisfied smile - calculate how many meals you don’t have to make over the coming week.


Wash down steamer and blender, wipe down the bench, stove and sink. How did I get so much stuff on the floor……………..get mop………nah, too tired, clean that tomorrow!


Baby awake. Change nappy. Bib on. Proudly spoon the first mouthful of home-made deliciousness into waiting baby…………… baby spits it out, wipes veges through hair. Does the same with the next spoonful and the next. Refuse to be discouraged, so you chant, “it can take 10 to 15 times before baby will accept a new food”. Baby eats the mashed banana and yogurt you’ve hurriedly put together.


Time to cook dinner for the rest of the family – secretly wish everyone could have mashed banana and yogurt tonight. Massive day – must be a better, faster way of making healthy baby meals. Memory flash - remember seeing something about frozen organic or spray-free baby food on The Baby Pantry website. You look up, http://thebabypantry.co.nz


There it is! The Baby Pantry – Save time, save mess, stay sane. Perfect! Makers of nourishing, organic or spray-free baby food, tick, flash frozen to keep in all the goodness, tick, online ordering, tick, professionally and lovingly prepared in a HACCAP certified kitchen, tick, delivered straight to your door, double tick.


Enlightenment moment – order delicious meals from The Baby Pantry.

………………Must return the George Foreman to Mum.

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